Beginning Again

Uncertainty has dissipated and I will be here for the foreseeable future. Time to get gardening.

Since my last entry it has become apparent that I will be staying in my current location for the foreseeable future and this has given me new enthusiasm for my little patch.

They do say that a bad workman always blames her tools but I do think that some of my pots were struggling because of the compost that they were filled with. Turning out the offending containers led me to discover sopping wet compost despite the fact it have been very dry here for the last week and I have been watering a sensible amount. Hopefully now they will do much better. 

I turfed out the lettuce that has been stagnant for the last few months along with its soggy compost and replaced it with new plants and new soil. I have planted two pots of lettuce since it is what I seem to eat most. I have also sewed some more spinach seeds, again in new compost which means they should do much better.

I have revamped my herb pot, finally pulling out the parsley which went to seed about two months ago. I don’t have any to replace it with and my coriander has sadly perished so those will be my next purchases. I did however plant some new mint and basil. I have planted some new chives in a separate pot and planted Delfland’s very attractive basil collection in my very attractive green pot.

I gave everything a good feed with potassium nitrate (1 teaspoon per gallon) including my rather impressive looking tomato plant. I was hoping that feeding my courgette might give it new courage in the face of its snail-perpetrated annihilation but I fear it may be too late since I could probably read a book through its one remaining leaf. 

I have a few left over plants from my latest delivery and am hoping I can keep them alive over the weekend so I can plant them in D&B’s garden for them while they are away. Here’s hoping my new enthusiasm also acts as snail repellent. Happy gardening. Ele

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  1. I am very impressed! We have basil, coriander plus both flat-leaf and curly parsley available from 4 August~
    I would love to know which parsley you think tastes better.

    Don’t give up on the courgette plant yet – if it has at least one new leaf coming there is hope. Try standing the pot on some copper pipe, or something else the snails and slugs can’t negotiate. Then go out after dark and pick off any that are living in the pot.

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