Watering and feeding tomatoes

Water the plants in well to settle the soil around the roots (this is known as ‘ball watering’). Thereafter you need to adjust the watering according to the size of the plants and the weather. Giving plants a thorough water rather frequent light sprinklings will encourage deep rooting in the early stages, but once the fruit start to swell you want to maintain an even moisture in the soil as erratic watering can cause blossom-end rot and fruit splitting. However, you want to keep the plants on the dry side as this gives smaller, more highly-flavoured fruit. You can feed every watering with a dilute high potash feed, or once a week with a more concentrated dose – follow the instructions on the packet e.g. Neudorff 1L Organic Tomato Feed or make your own liquid feed from comfrey or nettles: instructions here.