Mysterious Diggings

Something is digging in my tubs.

My new plants seem to be settling in quite well. The radishes are starting to look a bit sad. I don’t hold out much hope for them to actually produce a crop but I will let them stay in their pot until I need it for something else. What has really occupied me recently is the series of small holes that have been starting to appear in my pots. I assume something is digging at them but whatever is doing it doesn’t appear to be interested in the plants. I will keep an eye out but I can’t think what it would be unless its the squirrel is hoarding things for winter.

The mustard I have planted in the boarder seems to be doing just fine. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t have enough nutrients but they seem to be doing just as well as those in the pots. My chilli plant is looking a bit scorched but I think it’s probably alright since it’s only on a few of the leaves.

Also, because its winter and things outside are growing so slowly I have decided to try sprouting some seeds inside for some faster gratification. The seeds I have are quite old though so we’ll see what kind of germination I get. Hopefully I will have some nice bean sprouts for my stir-fries to replace my missing oriental vegetables.

Incidentally, this is a picture of where I was this weekend (Devon). Such a beautiful place and so inspiring. Happy gardening, Ele. 

Murder on the Oriental Vegetable Express

The tragic demise of my oriental vegetables.

I’ve only been away for 3 days but it appears that in that time the Norwich heavens have opened to their fullest extent and drowned all my oriental vegetables. When I examined the victims more carefully it was apparent that they had entirely rotted off. I think maybe Carbon Gold compost might retain too much water for outdoor use in Norwich. 

After a demorilising week for my plants it was lovely to see these autumn crocuses thriving.

Tomorrow I think I am going out to buy some plant food for my radishes. They have grown a lot of leaf but their stems don’t seem to be swelling at all. I think possibly they could also be thinned a bit more too. Some googling is going to have to take place I think. 

Despite the death of my oriental veg my weekend away at the Sturminster Newton Cheese festival was incredible and gave me and tonne of ideas both for the garden and the kitchen. My pick of the festival was Shorrocks Cheese: if you see a cheese bomb from these guys in your local market then I cannot recommend it highly enough. Check out their website here:

Planting some perpetual spinach this week when the weather clears up. Happy gardening, Ele

Some indication of how wet this weekend has been. I am honestly surprised: I thought drought would be my main enemy as a container gardener but it seems it’s the opposite problem. Next year I will put bricks in the bottom of my pots to aid drainage. 

My face upon the discovery of my vegetables’ tragic demise. Less Poirot and more veg-rot but still, I’m counting this as murder. I think i will get over the loss with the help of the delicious Sturminster Newton cheese festival produce.