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Garlic update

Available for September, October and November delivery.

Garlic is now available, it is 2 per bulb plus postage and packing.

Garlic selection pack is 5.50 for 3 bulbs (one of each variety) plus postage and packing.

P&P is a one off cost of 4.95 covering both garlic and any plants for the same delivery. Order with a friend and share the cost.

Bulk Garlic If a few bulbs isn't enough we sell garlic by the box. You can get a 500g box of any of the varieties (Germidour, Messidrome or Therador). The box will contain whole and/or part bulbs plus loose cloves up to the weight of 500g. During the grading process bulbs may have had damaged cloves removed; this is standard practice to maintain the quality of the bulbs during storage.

A 500g box costs 14.50 including postage and packaging.

To order bulk garlic from Delfland Trayshop - Boxes of garlic.

Garlic ~ Germidour (October)

A well-known and reliable very early variety. It comes from French production but is well suited to UK growing conditions. This softneck* garlic has a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit and produces purple bulbs with a mild yet rich flavour.

Price: 2.00


Garlic ~ Messidrome (October)

French white-skinned softneck* variety with beige cloves for autumn planting.

Price: 2.00


Garlic ~ Therador (October)

White bulbs with beige cloves. Very resistant variety with excellent taste. Short dormancy variety which MUST be planted by the end of December.

Price: 2.00


Garlic Collection (October)

Garlic Collection (October)

Opportunity to buy all 3 varieties at the same time, all the bulbs are organic and usually between 8 to 10 cloves per bulb.

Variety information see below.

Price: 5.50


* Most commercially grown garlic is of the softneck type. This means that it does not produce a flowering stalk. Softnecks tend to have more, but smaller, cloves and a longer shelf-life than the hardnecks.

Harvest garlic from July, when the leaves begin to turn yellow, by loosening them from the ground with a trowel. Gently wash and dry garlic bulbs, then place them in a warm dry position to dry out, prior to storing them. Bulbs can then be stored in good conditions for up to 3 months.

Plant : from September to December
Harvesting : from July