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Garlic update

Available for November delivery.

Garlic is now available, it is 2 per bulb plus postage and packing.

Garlic selection pack is 4.99 for 3 bulbs (one of each variety) plus postage and packing.

P&P is a one off cost of 4.95 covering both garlic and any plants from the rest of October delivery. Usally added during the check out process. Order with a friend and spread the cost.

Bulk Garlic~ If a few bulbs isn't enough we do sell garlic by the box. You can get a 500g box of any of the varieties (Germidour, Messidrome, and Therador), bulk quantity of garlic bulbs will contain whole and/or part bulbs plus loose cloves up to the weight of 500g. Bulbs during the grading process may have had damaged cloves removed, standard practise to maintain the quality of the bulbs during storage.

A box will cost 8.80 plus the post and packaging of 4.95 up to 3 boxes, then 6.00 for 4 boxes or more. Single box will be 13.75.

To order bulk garlic from Delfland Trayshop - Boxes of garlic.