Seeds of success!

The spinach has germinated!

Seeds of success!

This is my spinach just 6 days after it was first sown! I am so deeply excited by this development I am thinking of changing the label: It is no longer hopefully spinach, it is actually spinach! This has really given me the boost of instant gratification I needed to encourage me to take on more complex and lengthy projects.  I am already planning what to do with my first crop. I’m thinking maybe some delicious spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

A new addition

A new addition already… think I might be getting the bug

A New Addition…

This is my latest addition. I have simply potted up a Super chilli. It is my hope that, since the pot is deep but reasonably small in circumference, it can be moved inside during the winter months so it doesn’t die in the frosts. But for now it is sunning itself outside in the Norfolk sunshine. Pictures of my pots in their new home to follow tomorrow plus an exciting update on my spinach plants… well to me it’s exciting… Ele