Growing Success Advanced Slug Pellets (Ferramol®) 575g

Growing Success Advanced Slug Pellets (Ferramol)  575g
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Product Info

  1. based on Iron (III) phosphate (also known as Ferric phosphate).
  2. does NOT contain methiocarb or metaldehyde.
  3. Fully biodegradable.
  4. Rain resistant.
  5. Children, pets and wildlife need not be excluded from treated areas (but store the product in its original container in a safe place out of the reach of children and animals. Follow the directions for use carefully).

We are hoping to offer a biological control method in the future. Other methods of controlling slugs include picking them off by hand, barriers and traps (e.g. slug pubs).

1 pack treats up to 115 square metres

Plus P&P.