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Limited stock of Seed potatoes available.
Any April plants ordered, will be dispatched after the weekend (20th April onwards).
So still time to order - April Plants

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Delivery Costs

Plant Delivery Key

In 2013 we introduced the delivery period in the product name, eg. Lettuce ~ Cocarde (March); Bunching Onion ~ 08-527 (September). The main reason in doing this is so in the basket as you select items you can see when they will be delivered to you. Plus the email confirmation will have this information too, so at any time you can check your order and find out when your plants will be delivered.

We set delivery windows during the year, it does mean that the plants will come out on the first day of that period but usually when they are ready. High demand we do the plants in date order, we can fit around your holidays if you inform us. We work with nature to get high quality plants to you when you need them.

Delivery PeriodsMarchAprilEarly MayOrnamentals MayLate MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberAutumn Bedding OctoberOthers#
Price per delivery4.754.754.75*4.754.754.754.754.75*4.75 

(*=Ornamental plants have VAT charged to the delivery as they are classed as non-edible)

Delivery charges explained

We delivery plants and sundries to you throughout the year, where and when you need them, below should answer all your questions regarding the delivery charges if not do call us (01354 740553) or email your question (Delivery Cost Question) and we will answer it.

Delivery charge is added usual during the check out process (less you are an existing customer and the site remembers you). Once it knows the delivery address, it can add the delivery charge, which is 4.75 per delivery period. Remember you can order with a friend and share this cost.

Quick delivery check

Count up the different delivery periods you have in your basket (treat Early, Late and Flowers in May as one), that indicates the number of different delivery periods you have ordered from, then look for that number in the table below, the corresponding number is the delivery cost. This only gets added to your basket once the shipping destination has been chosen.

Number of delivery times12345678910
Price ()4.759.5014.2519.0023.7528.5033.2538.0042.7547.50


This includes:

  • Sundries
  • Books
  • Seed
  • Collections
  • Potatoes