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Garlic now available in September and October.

Final dispatch for September plants will happen next week on 26th / 27th September, it will include winter purslane, corn salad, land cress, lettuces, rocket, broccoli, cabbage, calabrese, chard, perpetual spinach, mustard, bunching onions, (dispatch runs from 4th to 27th September) ~ September plants, click here.

New stock of Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue and Lettuce ~ Brown Goldring ~ Order now

Tomato ~ Stamford Ugly

Tomato ~ Stamford Ugly

The fruits are pale red and tear-drop shaped, weighing in at around 100g (3½ oz) each, with 4-5 per truss. Described as 'firm and fleshy' and they lovely in salads, and are great when cooked.