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Special lettuce available in Early May ~ Brown Goldring ~ limited stock > to order Brown Goldring, click here.

Early May, we continue to dispatch of plants from Early May next week (Tuesday and Wednesday, dispatch runs to 10th May) this includes globe artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, cardoons, celeriac, celery, chard, leek, salads, strawberries. To order Early May plants, click here.

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Basil Collection

You can’t beat the aroma of freshly-picked basil. Grow it in any sunny spot in the garden, or in a pot, ideally against a south-facing wall.

The Basil Collection contains 15 organic, peat-free plug plants, 3 each of the following varieties:

Sweet Genovese ~ classic Italian
Rosie ~ dark red leaves
Greek ~ compact, small-leaved variety
Siam Queen ~ cultivar of Thai basil which is more suited to our climate
Lime ~ zingy taste ideal for summer drinks

Plants dispatched in May.


Delfland's Basil Collection Collection (May)

Price: 9.00


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Basil - Sweet Genovese (Ocimum basilicum)

Large, bright green leaf; quality market gardener strain. Classic variety used for pesto.

Basil ~ Greek (Ocimum minimum)

Small-leaved variety; approx height 23cm (9")

Basil ~ Rosie

Strong basil scent but very decorative also, with purple leaves setting off pale pink flowers. Height 45cm.

Basil ~ Siam Queen (Ocimum basilicum)

A cultivar of Thai basil which is more suited to our climate.

Basil ~ Lime