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Garlic now available in September and October.

Final dispatch for September plants will happen next week on 26th / 27th September, it will include winter purslane, corn salad, land cress, lettuces, rocket, broccoli, cabbage, calabrese, chard, perpetual spinach, mustard, bunching onions, (dispatch runs from 4th to 27th September) ~ September plants, click here.

New stock of Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue and Lettuce ~ Brown Goldring ~ Order now

Beetroot ~ Bulls Blood

Beetroot ~ Bulls Blood

Triple-purpose beet. Harvest the deep maroon-red leaves of this beet at baby leaf stage for tasty salads, use the sweet, tender, deep red roots when small for baby beets or allow to mature into full size beets for roasting or boiling.

5 modules, approx